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General Webcam Troubleshooting

If you need to test your microphone, you can do this on an appropriate page. Sometimes there could be an issue with the USB port or corrupted software in memory that a reboot will resolve. If you have a problem with your video, make sure the correct webcam is selected.

  • The custom browser prevents students from checking URLs and documents or using other applications during their examination.
  • While the X-T200 can capture 1080p footage at up to 120fps, the new HDR video mode is only offered up to 60fps.
  • If you’ve just set up a webcam, you probably want to make sure that it works before joining that important meeting and learning no one can see you.
  • Instructors do everything within the learning system too, including the post-exam review of proctoring results.

The module also includes practice quizzes for both the Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor. You will need to remove one of them depending on your course. The LockDown Browser/Monitor is a stand-alone browser. Once it is downloaded and installed, you will then open the LockDown Browser, not your regular browser, to login to Canvas and take a test. Instructions for taking a test using LockDown Browser/Monitor are in the Quick Start Guide. If you copy your course from semester to semester or make frequent edits to quizzes, be sure to visit the Lockdown Browser link in your course to test for Fix it errors prior to testing.

Is there a phone number to contact Altus Assessments?

If Camera and Microphone return with Green checkmarks, please move on to the next section. If you have the ability to try a different chat program, give that a go—there are plenty of great, free options out there. Or, if you’re on a company-mandated Zoom call, try calling in from your laptop or phone instead of your desktop. Even if it isn’t ideal as a long-term solution, it’ll allow you to get into the current call and spend time troubleshooting later. If your webcam does not appear in the list, it’s possible Windows isn’t recognizing the device. Click the Start menu, type Device Manager, and press Enter to see a list of hardware connected to your PC.

Student Quick Start Guide or TAC’s knowledge base article to get started. If you have multiple monitors hooked up, disconnect the additional monitors. See if your instructor has any special instructions. Can only be used for tests delivered through Canvas.

How are tests administered for online classes?

Speak into the microphone to see if the Input level bars move. Select the apple icon on the top-left corner and click on System Preferences. Each platform has different system requirements, so make sure to check that your computer meets the minimum requirements before joining a meeting. Discover our step-by-step guide to promote your webinar and get more registrants.

It also ships with versatile mounts, one for your monitor and another for a tripod. Import your media files captured and recorded from NDI sources into Adobe Creative Cloud software applications from your local drives or across your network using standard storage systems. Once the NDI Import I/O for Adobe Creative Cloud is installed, all Creative Cloud applications that use video will recognize the NDI files as another media option.

The proctor will be able to resume the exam for you once their session is over. Honorlock proctoring service is being offered at no cost to students. ASU provides suggested writing for professors to use in syllabi to explain Honorlock. The recommended syllabi writing mentions an «integrity algorithm» and asks students to «not attempt to search for answers, even if it’s on a secondary device.» “Take off your Apple Watch,” read a pop-up from one of the remote proctors monitoring his test. A large portion of our students are now opting to take their exam with Proctor 360.

After answering, you can return to Adobe Connect for mobile. If the dial pad appears automatically or if a telephone icon is visible, you can tap the icon and enter your phone number. To share a document/presentation from a smartphone, upload the file to the Content Library or directly to the Share pod using the Adobe Connect add-in on a computer. The file then appears in the recent Share History for all meeting Hosts and can be shared by Hosts and Presenters using smartphones. You can however share documents, presentations, whiteboards, and images from mobile devices.


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